Computer programming course added to curriculum


The class will be taught on a program called “Python,” which codes language on the computer.

by Jason Messenbrink, Staff Writer

A computer programming course has been added to the high school’s curriculum for the 2016-17 school year. The class will most likely be taught by math teacher, Ms. Kristen Bradley.

The idea for the course came from students who expressed interest and talked to Mr. Arlotta.

The high school used to offer an AP Computer Science class, but the coding language changed and became so difficult that students lost interest. Over the past couple of years, the interest of the students has increased once again.

There are still some undecided factors about the course, such as whether or not the class will need additional equipment. However, if the school decides to supply each student with their own computer next year, there will not be any additional requirements.

 Ms.Bradley took some computer science classes at Rutgers University. She also instructed a summer gifted program aligned for high school aged students at Princeton University.

She said that she is fascinated by “the theory behind programming” and interested in “the logical structure.”