Recovery day makes schedule complete for week


by Kaitlin Stansel, Social Media Editor

The school had a day one Recovery Day  on Wednesday, Jan. 20, selected to complete the shortened week’s schedule with one of each day.

Recovery days are planned prior to the start of the school year while constructing the daily schedule for the school year. The days, marked with an “R” on the schedule, are designed to cover for a day that is frequently missed. For example, if the administration finds that assemblies or snow days frequently occur on a day three, the recovery day would follow a day three schedule.

Since a school day has not been missed due to inclement weather at this point, the administration had to select which day to schedule for the recovery day.  Day one was selected as the week was already set to have days two, three and four.

Throughout the course of the school year, there is one Recovery Day per marking period.

“As we were researching moving to a rotating/drop schedule, most schools suggested we lay out the entire year’s calendar ahead of time to avoid any confusion and help students and staff plan ahead,” John Arlotta, Glen Rock High School principal, said. “It was also suggested that we build in a Recovery Day each marking period to make up for any time lost to things such as assembly programs and snow days.”

On recovery days, students do not have to go to their science labs unless otherwise instructed by their teacher.