The boy who fences around the world


Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Kevin Callahan

Kevin Callahan winning a medal at a fencing competition

by Olivia Lorenzo, Senior Staff Writer

Sophomore Kevin Callahan has committed himself to fencing over the course of the last five years.

His passion for fencing first started when his family friend’s son went to college for fencing and was internationally ranked for the sport. After finding this out, Callahan had the dream to make it big in fencing.

“Fencing has impacted my life because I constantly train, get dedicated, and travel all the time,”said Callahan.

I constantly train, get dedicated, and travel all the time.”

— Kevin Callahan ('18)

Callahan is not involved in any other sports except for fencing.

“Fencing takes up a lot of my time,” Callahan explained. He practices at Bergen Fencing Club, Ho-Ho-Kus Fencing Club, and sometimes New York City every day except for Sunday. Sometimes he doesn’t return home until 10 p.m.

He has traveled to California, New York City, Baltimore, Poland and Budapest for competitions. His favorite was Poland.

So far this season in fencing, Callahan has been doing great in competitions. “I haven’t been reaching my goals but I’m up there,” said Callahan.

According to Callahan, fencers have to accept the mistakes they make and the fault falls upon them. 

Since he travels across the world on a frequent basis, he has met a lot of new people, seen a lot of world sights, and understands the hardship a lot of people across the world go through.

“I never take for granted the privileges I have, and I also try my best in everything,” said Callahan. He is constantly traveling around the country so Callahan misses a lot of school. Therefore, he also makes sure to stay on top of all the lessons and homework in his classes.