New trivia phone app latest comer in fad


Photo Credit: Alethea Jadick

Students challenge each other in Pixduel.

by Alethea Jadick, Staff Writer

The newest technological fad sweeping Glen Rock High School is a game that tests users knowledge in a number of subjects.

Pixduel, a game that is available for Apple and Android technology has become incredibly popular ever since its release in October. The app is reminiscent of both Quiz Up and Trivia Crack, games that were popular in previous years.

This trivia based game is colorful and grabs the user’s attention with bright hues and pictures depicting the questions being asked.

The game also has a social aspect, the game enables users to find and play friends and family by searching for their usernames, which makes Pixduel more attractive and competitive.

Games are played in six rounds with a different topic each round, you get to pick the category for three out of the six rounds and your opponent does the same.

Game categories range from animals, to movie stars, to geography, so there is something for everyone.

Lee Hasselmann, a junior, has Pixduel on his phone and explains he enjoys the game because its fun and the user can play against friends.

One can also play strangers from all over the country and compare knowledge in the national rankings.

Pixduel can also be connected to social media so players can share their scores with friends and invite new people to play.

In order to keep the game fresh and exciting, brand new questions are added to Pixduel every day.