Student Representative to the Board of Education

Featuring: Harrison Gale


Photo Credit: Olivia Traphagen

Harrison Gale, student representative of the Board of Education

by Olivia Traphagen, Staff Writer

Senior Harrison Gale takes responsibility as a priority. Gale is Glen Rock’s student representative to the Board of Education.

Gale represents the student body as a whole, and she interacts with members of the board to speak for the students.

“My job as a student representative to the Board of is to attend regular board meetings and act as liaison for the students of Glen Rock High School,” Gale said. “I represent the interests of the students and help maintain a presence of the students, as board members develop and debate policy for the school district.”

Gale explains how this roll takes time and energy, just as any other responsibility would. She ran for this significant position in June 2014, during the annual Glen Rock High School student council elections. She then ran again unopposed in June 2015.

“I feel that having students adequately represented is critical to developing a community that’s shaped by the voices within the community,” Gale said. “It is also a great opportunity to help keep my fellow students informed on what is happening in our community.”

As the representative in this position, she encourages actions to be done on behalf of the students, and she is also the prime resource who lets students know what is taking place within the community. Gale is not definitive about her career plans just yet, but Gale is hoping to pursue in certain fields of public service or government.

“While I don’t have any career plans set in stone, this has definitely been a very positive experience. I have learned a lot about public service and government, and I am certainly considering a career in these fields— let’s see what opportunities time brings!”

Gale’s positive, responsible, and out-going character, truly commemorate her position with the board of education.

“My position is supposed to be a resource for any student who wants to know more about what the board does or what projects they are working on as well as a resource to help them with any input about community they may want to share,” Gale said.

Gale encourages anyone who would like to learn more about the board and the community to reach out to her.