French Club serves ‘petit dejeuner francais’


Photo Credit: Ryan Morley

“Bon appetit” in English means “enjoy your meal.”

by Ryan Morley, Staff Writer

The French Club held a foreign cuisine and sold breakfast to students and staff as part of a fundraiser.

The breakfast took place during the morning of Monday, Dec. 22.

Petit Dejeuner Francais (a small French breakfast) is very typical in France.

“We had butter croissants, croissants au chocolat, which are chocolate filled croissants, and also some hot cocoa too, all for $1,” said Harrison Gale (’16), a vendor at the food sale.

“Once we get enough funds, we would like to start a type of partnership with a French speaking community in need,” Dr. Katherine Galvagni, French teacher and club adviser, said. “We have thought about starting a back and forth partnership exchange with a school in Haiti, but we haven’t gotten that far yet.”

The money from the fundraiser will be reinvested into the club and the leftover food was handed out in the French classes.

“I was in the Media Center, but I followed the smell to the Hamilton Lobby,” Sean Egan (’18) said. “I got a butter croissant and dipped it in the hot chocolate. It was amazing.”

In France, hot chocolate is sometimes served from a bowl. However, during the Glen Rock breakfast, the drinks were served in cups only. Food at the breakfast was all bought from a bakery because it had the most authentic and fresh pastries.