Elevators fixed, locked up


Photo Credit: Ben Solomon

The Elevator on the first floor of the school.

by Ben Solomon, Staff Writer

Here’s what’s going down.  

Due to a malfunction, the school elevator was open to all, even though it was intended for people who could not physically get up the stairs.

Originally, the nurses would hand out to keys to people who needed the elevator. The lock to the elevator was broken, however, and anyone could get in and use it.

It is unknown how the locks were broken.

In early November the locking mechanism was finally replaced after an extended amount of time. New keys then had to be made to fit the new locks.

Assistant Principal Mr. Michael Pasciuto decided that he will be the one to hand out the keys to those who need them.  The school nurse, who formerly controlled the keys, will make her retirement official tomorrow, Dec. 23.  

“They needed to be fixed,” said Pasciuto regarding the elevators. “The company came in to fix it in the first week of November or so.”

Some students were not as pleased about the fix and preferred the elevators to be open to all.

“As long as the elevator does not get too crowded, and the privileges aren’t abused, then anyone should be able to use the elevator,” said Joseph Shulkin, a sophomore. “It’s all based on trust, and Mr. Pasciuto should give people a chance.”