City Tour: A day in Hoboken


Photo Credit: Josh Lesser

View of Midtown Manhattan from Hoboken. The view from uptown Hoboken provides a better view of Midtown Manhattan than it does Downtown.

by Josh Lesser, Staff Writer

It is where baseball was invented and Frank Sinatra was born, some can argue that Hoboken is the very pulse of New Jersey. Home to some of New Jersey’s oldest Irish, German and Italian communities, Hoboken has undergone a major change from the industrial warehouse dominated city Frank Sinatra once knew, to the million dollar residential neighborhood Alex Rodriguez, Eli Manning and former New Jersey Gov. John Corzine now call home.

Many young people who work in New York City live in Hoboken because of its proximity to Midtown, Wall Street and The Village. Right across the Hudson River from New York, Hoboken is five minutes from both the Holland and Lincoln tunnels as well as home to a major train station. On top of its location Hoboken is home to a great night life scene and many restaurants. All a visitor needs to explore this great city is a $14 train ticket and a 40 minute train ride.

1. A Cuban Breakfast: Saturday 10 a.m.

Located in the residential uptown part of Hoboken is a Cuban restaurant famous for its breakfast. La Isla has been featured on The Food Network for its french toast and for its papa rellena. For breakfast Omar’s Stuffed French Toast is the dish worth getting. It is french toast filled with strawberry-guava cream cheese and coated in cinnamon, cornflakes and almonds. The french toast is simply delicious. While chowing down on the amazing tasting french toast, have a milkshake. At La Isla they stay true to keeping up with the flavors of Cuba, so as a result one can order milkshakes such as papaya and guava flavored. It is worth noting that La Isla is moderately priced with their french toast costing $11 and reservations are typically needed.

2. The History of Hoboken: Saturday 11:30 a.m.

After being filled up on french toast, pay a visit to the Hoboken Historical Museum. The museum is only a block uptown from La Isla. Located in an old historical building the museum constantly has different exhibits on display. The overall theme the museum shows is what life used to be like in Hoboken, while showing off the city’s unique culture. It is definitely worth an hour long visit.

3. A Walk on the Waterfront: Saturday 12:30 p.m.

One of the things Hoboken is most famous for is its waterfront view of New York City. There is a walkway that stretches from one end of Hoboken to another which allows for people to take in great views of virtually every part of Manhattan, while walking people can see major landmarks in Manhattan such as: The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building and the World Trade Center. Walk from 14th street all the way to fourth street before ending your walk. This is one of the most picturesque places in Hoboken and if not the world. Another activity that could be done is one can rent a Citi Bike and ride along the waterfront.

4. Pizza the Hoboken Way: Saturday 1:25 p.m.

Benny Tudino’s is located between sixth street and seventh street on Washington Street. Out of all the Pizza in Hoboken Benny Tudino’s has some of the best slices. They are known for huge slices. For just $3 a person can get one slice of pizza that is as large as a baby. Along the walls of the restaurant there are pictures of the many famous people who have eaten at the restaurant. One slice will easily fill one person up. Besides from being huge the pizza is extremely tasty.

5. Shopping in Hoboken: Saturday 2:25 p.m.

Washington Street is Hoboken’s main street. It is where one can find many of the city’s bars, restaurants and stores. Walk down Washington Street and shop in one of its many stores. Tunes is a music store located on Washington Street that sells records, CD’s and DVD’s. Music lovers have to shop at Tunes because of its wide variety of music. Although digital music has taken over the music industry Tunes offers people something a computer can’t and because of that it is definitely worth a visit.

6. The World’s Most Famous Bakery: Saturday 3:55 p.m.

There is typically a long line to get into the Famous Carlos Bakery. The Bakery is where the show Cake Boss is filmed and because of that tourists from all parts of the country are just waiting to get in. Once inside there are cakes all over on display. Make sure to try one of the bakery’s baked goods such as a cannoli or an eclair. There is even a chance that Buddy or some of the other people on the show will be in the Bakery.

7. German Heritage in Hoboken: Saturday 5:30 p.m.

Take a taxi to Hoboken’s very own Beer Garden, the Pilsner Haus. People under the age of 18 cannot enter past 8 p.m., yet the Beer Garden still happens to be a good place for families because the food and atmosphere are amazing. The Pilsner Haus is located in an old factory and the inside is made to look like an industrial warehouse in Hannover. Inside, a band plays traditional German songs.

Besides from its great atmosphere the food is also a reason to come. While eating at the Pilsner Haus make sure to get the Bavarian Soft Pretzel as an appetizer. The buttery pretzel comes with cheese and mustard. For the entrée the main dish to get is the Kasespatzle which is essentially German macaroni and cheese that comes with caramelized onions and bacon.