Junior class officers start a new, festive way to fundraise

by Sophie Ferreri, Staff Writer

Students and faculty gobbled up the junior class’s festive ideas to raise money for their class prom by selling turkey grams. The turkey grams were sold in the cafeteria prior to the week of Thanksgiving and were personally delivered to students on Nov. 25.

Turkey grams are not equivalent to your average bake sale as it embodies student’s personal lives and incorporates the holiday theme of thankfulness. A turkey gram is a gift bag you buy for $ 3 and send to someone else as a nice, heartwarming surprise. The bag consists of candy, a cookie, and a message about what you are thankful for.

“Normally we only see students selling candy during the holidays and we thought it would be good for students to express why they were thankful around Thanksgiving,” junior class administrator Ms. Ammirata said. “We plan to do the same concept in near future.”

The class officers sold almost 40 turkey grams, raising a little over $100.

“We hoped it would have been more of a success but I’m sure with people seeing how nice the grams were this year, next year will do even better,” junior class officer Anne Nebbia (‘17) said.

Though the financial outcome was not as it was hoped to be, those who did receive and purchase turkey grams, were extremely happy with their investment and would definitely participate in a similar fundraiser again.

“They were a great idea and I was pleasantly surprised when I received one,” Katie Byrd (’17) said. “I was surprised to see how each bag was so carefully made.”