A pane in the glass: hockey game cancelled due to powerful shot


Photo Credit: Ben Solomon

Broken glass covers the floor and ice of Clay Anderson arena in Montclair. The teams were slated to play at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 2. The fans and players grew restless as they waited over an hour for the game to start but were ultimately disappointed to learn that the game was cancelled.

by Ben Solomon, Staff Writer

The Glen Rock Boys Varsity ice hockey game vs. Montclair was canceled on Dec.2 due to part of the glass barrier shattering during the pre-game warmup.

Glen Rock (1-0-1) was set to play Montclair (0-0-0) on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

During the pre-game warm up, approximately 3:02 minutes before the game started, a Montclair player hit a slap shot that contacted the glass barrier causing it to break and shatter.

The Clay Anderson arena staff cleaned up the glass and replaced the pane.

After the pane was installed, the referees noticed that some of the barriers were shaken loose by the powerful impact of the shot.

In normal circumstances, the owner of the arena would inspect the damage and decide whether or not the game can still be played without risking injury to the players.

Owner Joe Gauweiler was not present at the arena and after about 45 minutes of uncertainty the game was canceled.

There will be no rematch due to the fact that the game never officially started.

“I am very disappointed,” said forward Eddie Corvelli (’18). “I heard that they were good this year.”