New Physical Education teacher a familiar face


Photo Credit: Zack Riley

New Physical Education teacher Mr. Michael Escalante representing Glen Rock Football prior to the MetLife sectional finals this Friday.

by Zack Riley, Staff Writer

As a first year high school Physical Education teacher, one might think that Mr. Michael Escalante might be nervous.  For Escalante, though, he’s been around the Glen Rock track a few times already.

Escalante started his career teaching in Glen Rock in 2013, when he started to instruct at Hamilton elementary school.

Mr. Brian Gelalia, the former Glen Rock physical education teacher, left his position to pursue another opportunity at Wayne Hills high school.

Escalante decided to become a physical education teacher after his first semester in college. He also wanted to coach.  Before getting his current job in the high school, Escalante substitute taught and helped coach sports for the high school. Escalante also attended Glen Rock high school as a student, graduating in 2009.

Escalante was partially influenced by Physical Education teacher Mr. Jim Kurz, the head football coach.  Kurz persuaded his former football player to pursue a career at the high school level.

Despite his familiarity with the district, Escalante did adjust to some subtle changes.

“Middle school is different,” said Escalante, explaining how he would focus on form and basic skills with his middle school students. “In high school, the skills are already developed.”

He said one of the main focuses in middle was class management “because the middle school students have less control over their ability to concentrate.”

Escalante said that high school students “are more able to stop and respect the teacher.”