Fallout makes a nuclear return


Photo Credit: Ben Solomon

Entering Diamond City at night. A Market built in Fenway Park

by Ben Solomon, Staff Writer

Fallout, a popular video game around the world, is a series of four games with a futuristic theme. This includes two spin offs, adding further detail to a preexisting aspect of the game. The newest addition to the series is Fallout 4. This was highly anticipated by viewers due to a developers five year absence from the series.

“War. War never changes,” is one of the most famous quotes from the game.

 The story line follows the what is left of America after being destroyed by a nuclear war, and the player must survive in this wasteland.

It begins with a monologue about the oil crises which originally caused the war, and the player continues to live a life in Massachusetts in 2077.  Fallout 4 had a unique new setting while obtaining the original vision of the video game. Consumers found the change to be new and exciting, but still keeping some aspects that initially peaked their interest.

The map features multiple cities, including Lexington, Concord, and Boston, unlike the previous games that only featured one big city for the player to explore. 

A feature that has been greatly revised is the weapon that can be customized, which is based off of the gun. Melee weapons can also be modified. The selling point was blending favored features of the old weapons with futuristic ones, as well as removing the unpopular breaking weapons.

The trailers for the game, specifically the live action trailer, put emphasis on power armor, which is radiation proof. This prevents fall damage and greatly reduces damage that follows an attack, while giving the option of customization and updated collectible tiers.

While the game has many popular additions, it was not completely satisfactory.

A problem players had is the limited responses available on the dialogue wheel, while showing only part of what the character is going to say. For example,  these are some options given.




What do you mean?

The responses the player chooses now affect the way the companion feels. Meaning, the player is obligated to change what they do and say to keep their companion content. The game also occasionally crashes while playing on full screen mode, forcing the players to play using windows. 

Because of recurring problems in the past, players do not expect the bugs to be fixed, leaving the community to make unofficial patches to the game.