Half day or full day?


Glen Rock High School on the half day.

by Olivia Traphagen

The single session day, known more familiarly as a ‘half day,’ has been altered to accommodate the new rotating drop schedule, starting Wednesday, Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving.

The schedule now has six 45-minute periods throughout the day and no lunch. The schedule follows the same class periods as would meet on a Day 3, periods 3, 4, 1 and 8, 9, 6.

Principal John Arlotta originally suggested changing to the schedule, citing the advantages of having this half day system.  

Arlotta said that the administration polled the students and faculty about the new rotating drop bell schedule, implemented last year, and asked for comments.

“One of the comments that came was about half days,” Arlotta said. “One of the things that were a concern last year was that we met every period for a short period of time.”

Arlotta said this was a particular issue for planned early dismissal days and unplanned delayed openings, such as snow days.

According to Arlotta, “It is a change for the better.”

Yet a few students were not so excited about the changes.  

“I think that the half day policy sort of defeats the purpose of a half day,” said Rachel McMahon (‘18), who had experienced the abbreviated full class schedule last year.  “I think that the students will also agree with me when I say that half days are days we look forward to because of the shortened periods and getting to see each class, but this new policy will sort of make the half days seem similar to any other day.”

Many students’ expressed similar thoughts, perhaps because they haven’t experienced the day first-hand yet.  The new half-day policy will be much easier for teachers, who will meet with classes in the anticipated order. 

“I think that the majority of students will not like the half day because, with the new schedule, the periods are long enough to get work done,” Peter Cassidy (17’) said. “There is no lunch and, for people like me, I cannot go two periods without eating, so it will be a long day.”