Jostens visits high school to sell class rings, dog tags

by Olivia Lorenzo , Senior Staff Writer

The Class of 2018 had an informational assembly on the morning of Monday, Nov. 9th, regarding the process of purchasing class rings.

The company providing custom class rings and dogtags to the school, Jostens Jewelry, had a representative outside of the cafeteria on Tuesday, Nov. 10, and Thursday, Nov. 12, during lunch to help tenth grade students find their rings size, look at the different options offered, and chose what they want.

Jostens was originally founded in 1897 by Otto Josten. The company was originally created to repair watches.  Jostens has been coming to Glen Rock for many years to sell rings and dog tags to sophomores and the caps and gowns for seniors, along with many other high schools nationwide.

Sharon Kramer, an employee of Jostens Jewelry, spoke to The Glen Echo about the class rings and her role as a salesperson for Jostens.

“It’s a great thing. How many jobs do you know where you can go to a different school everyday and talk to different students. I get incredible insight from the students and I love what I do,” Kramer said.

The purpose of the rings is to create a memory. “It is a piece of you that you are taking with you,” Kramer said.

Kramer said the goal is to “get something you can afford and enjoy.”  

For sophomore students, though, many question whether the price tag is worth it.

 “They are a bit on the expensive side, but I think they are a great idea,” said Ian Stephenson, a sophomore.

“They are expensive,” said Camille Juliana, who is also a sophomore.

The rings are offered at different prices depending on the type of ring the student purchases. For instance, a diamond is more expensive than a less precious gemstone.

Kramer explained that the price was relative.

“How much is your telephone? How much are your shoes?” she asked. “You could buy a ring for at least $100, and it would last longer than your phone or sneakers.”

The rings were available for purchase on Nov. 10 and Nov. 12 during lunch but are now available on Josten’s website.

Students can customize the rings, so no matter what sport someone plays or club a person participates in, Jostens has something to add to customize the ring or dog tag.                          

“I like the rings. I like how some of the rings look like Tiffany rings. I might get one,” said Emily Pensec, a sophomore.

The rings come with a lifetime guarantee. So if a student needs to get their ring resized in the future, they can.

Last year, Jostens sold 25 rings to a class between 150-200 students, according to Kramer. She predicts that they will sell about the same about as last year for this year’s sophomores.

“It’s a great product and a great memory,” Kramer said.