Wearing pink isn’t enough

by Julia Rooney, Multimedia Manager

Pink.  A color commonly associated with Breast Cancer. But, since when did wearing a specific color actually benefit anyone?

The idea of wearing an article of pink clothing, is supposed to help raise awareness about the harmful wrath of Breast Cancer. However, this does not really help any victims.

Last month, students were encouraged to wear their pink in support of raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

The Glen Rock High School athletic teams sold pink camouflage shirts, and donated all the proceeds to Breast Cancer awareness.

“The faculty and staff all donated five dollars to breast cancer awareness and wear jeans and pink,” said Jennifer Ammirata, Teacher of Science.

Like the faculty and staff, the students should also donate money to the research of breast cancer.

There is no point in coming together and wearing the same color shirt. More people should come together for the common goal, of curing cancer.

“I think that students all like know about these issues but aren’t actually taking the step to help make a difference. We should raise awareness and help out too,” said Danielle Levi, Junior.

One may think they are doing well by wearing a pink t-shirt but they may not realize how little it actually does. By simply wearing a pink shirt, no proceeds go to research.

If the color pink is supposed to raise awareness and get others to donate money, than those wearing the color should also be donating.