The principality of Sealand

by Zack Riley, Staff Writer

In the midst of World War II, the British government built multiple fortress islands in the North Sea to defend the coastline from the Germans. One of these fortresses goes by the name of Sealand.

Sealand is located six miles off the coast of eastern England in international waters.

As the British court upheld the independence of Sealand because of the platform being in international waters, the judge ruled that it is out of British jurisdiction. The court ruling sparked for the motto that will represent the new sovereign nation E Mare Libertas (from the sea, freedom).

If you venture onto the Sealand website and look on their national store, you can find many unique items that are for sale. Out of all the items the most appealing to the students of glen rock has been the ability to buy a lordship, lady, baron or baroness titles. There are many other fun things to buy like an id card for sealand and also being able to own a piece of sealand.

All these things are relatively inexpensive and that is the reason they appeal to younger generations. Getting a title from sealand is only 29.99 euros witch in American currency would be $32.87. Which for most high school students is very cheap.

Another attraction for students from sealand would be their unusual selections of national team sports. You have the traditional soccer team. The only other national sport would be curling as it is a big European sport. Sports aren’t a big essential to the small concrete platform of the micronation.