Search for new English teacher comes to an end


The newly hired English teacher, Ms. Randi Metsch-Ample, will begin teaching in Glen Rock on Dec. 7.

by Beth Keefe, Multimedia Manager

The ongoing search for a replacement English teacher has come to its conclusion. As of Dec. 7, English teacher Ms. Randi Metsch-Ample, will be joining the English Department.

Department Leader Ms. Patricia Mahoney was part of the decision making process.

“We had a series of interviews very early in September. We set aside a whole day of interviews and Mr. Arlotta, Mr. Pasciuto and I interviewed all of the candidates,” Mahoney said. “We were all in agreement that we really wanted Ms. Metsch-Ample to come back.”

Metsch-Ample has been a teacher at Cedar Grove High School for the past 9 years, with experience teaching college level classes and has many educational credentials herself. She has a degree in American Studies and a background with American Literature, making her the perfect candidate for the sophomore classes she will be taking over.

“We knew when we met her that she was the one we wanted. She was head and shoulders above everyone else that we saw. Sometimes you just click with someone and we all felt that way about her,” said Mahoney.

Metsch-Ample has a background in the teaching of writing and in Literature, “she is highly experienced, all of us who interviewed her had a great feeling about her, we just had a sense that she would fit in really well here,” according to Mahoney.

Metsch-Ample completed a demo lesson in an English class that she will be taking over this coming December. She taught a lesson on The Great Gatsby, which was observed by Principal Mr. John Arlotta, Assistant Principal Mr. Michael Pascuito, Curriculum Director Dr. Kathleen Regan and Mahoney. They invited Metsch-Ample back for another, final interview with the Superintendent, Dr. Paula Valenti.

After her interview with the Superintendent, Metsch-Ample was offered the position. Her resume was put before The Board of Education to be approved; Metsch-Ample was officially offered the job on Oct. 6. She resigned from her school on Oct. 7, with a sixty-day notice.

“I know where she is currently teaching, she teaches journalism. She single-handedly resurrected a newspaper that was pretty much defunct at Cedar Grove High School. So she has a lot of experience in that area,” Mahoney said.

Metsch-Ample will be teaching 10th and 11th grade English classes in Glen Rock for the remainder of the school year.