Girls run for self-confidence and recognition of power


by Jason Messenbrink, Staff Writer

Glen Rock’s Girls on the Run program organizes young women into a team of runners while teaching them the principles of personal traits and a healthy lifestyle.

Girls on the Run honors its core values,” Deihdra Miller, one of the Central School chapter’s leaders, said.

Girls on the Run focuses on fitness, through running, while teaching important characteristics and values to the participants. It focuses on traits such as expressing joy and nurturing physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It also teaches them to be intentional with their decision-making.

The program in Glen Rock is divided into two teams, which each hold a maximum of 15 participants . They meet every Monday and Tuesday. One team that meets at The Academy of Our Lady and another that meets at Central School, which is ran by Deihdra Miller, who put her own daughter into the program.

“I believe in the message it gives to girls,” Miller said. “It makes every girl know they can do anything and be kind to others while doing it.”

The program conducts a community impact project each season for a charity. This season, they are going to be having a bake sale to raise money for a Girls On the Run scholarship called “Sole Mates.”

“We choose a group or charity that we think could use our help and work on a project for that to complete,” she said.

The program has two sessions per year for 10 to 12 weeks. One session starts September and  the second session begins in March.

The program information is accessible through HSA emails, Facebook posts, and their website.