Cabaret Night raises funds through song


Photo Credit: Patricia Whyte

Cabaret Night banner, which has been used for Cabaret Night for over ten years.

by Cathlyn Hircshfeld and Patricia Whyte

Cabaret Night took place on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria. Cabaret Night was started by Mrs. Phyllis Sneyers, a choir director who retired last year. Mr. Carl Helder and Ms. Rachel Beeksma, the choir directors, organized Cabaret Night this year along with help from some of the choir student-representatives.

Cabaret Night is an evening used to showcase choir students or anyone else who wants to participate. It is different from other music events on campus because, unlike Glen Stock, it has a stripped down, acoustic vibe. It is more laid back. Cabaret Night features many styles of music including Broadway hits, pop songs, indie rock songs, and instrument playing.

“I thought it was amazing. It was so much fun to see all my friends perform tonight,” Caroline Koenig (’18) said.

Cabaret Night is a fundraiser for the choir trip. The money that is raised goes towards the choir trip, which this year is going to Annapolis, Maryland.

Jack Jensen, a senior, was the emcee of the night. He introduced all of the performers.

“My favorite part about Cabaret Night is highlighting the student’s talents, and giving them the best opportunity to come off really professionally,” Helder, choir director of many years, said.

Sometimes getting up on a stage and performing in front of a crowd can be nerve racking.

“I just take a deep breath, I go out there and do my best, and just accept whatever happens,” one of the performers said.

There were a total of 18 performances and a total of 26 different performers. Mr. Helder played the piano for seven performances (there were nine solos, eight duos and one trio). Some performers, such as Melanie Lota and Bennie Fontana, were featured in two performances.

Beeksma, the new choir director, did a performance of “Popular” from the Broadway show “Wicked” with Fontana and Lota. Fontana and Lota were portrayed as the popular girls who were showing Beeksma, who was portrayed as the unpopular girl, how to become popular.

There were two brother-sister duos. Riley and Drew Coll performed a duo where they both played guitar and sang Teen Rocket by Tigers Jaw. Siblings Megan and Andrew Stoddard performed a duo in which Andrew played the guitar as Megan sang All I Wanted by Paramore.

At the end of the night, people left with smiles on their faces from a great night of music.  “It was a great night, I think the night was a success, all the performers were great, we had such a good time, and I think this is just the best Cabaret Night we’ve ever had,” Fontana said.

Cabaret Night raised approximately $1000 dollars for the choir trip.