Science teacher steps in for leave replacement


Photo Credit: Alethea Jadick

Of the 13 teachers in the Science department, 6 attended Rutgers University. Leave replacement teacher Ms. Lillian Nichols, a Rutgers alumnus, had this in common with her colleagues as she began teaching in Glen Rock.

by Alethea Jadick

Ms. Lillian Nichols is a new addition to the science staff while Mrs. Sally Binder is on maternity leave.

Nichols teaches regular Biology, a course available to freshman, and Advanced Biology, a course that is open to freshman as well as upper classmen.

Mr. Mario Porciello, who is a second year teacher, said that he was ale to help her adjust through his own experiences.

“We discussed the environment at Glen Rock, the student body, how to get around,” he said.

Porciello and Nichols also share lesson plans because they teach the same courses. Porciello, as well as the rest of the staff, tried to make Nichols feel comfortable when she first arrived.

Nichols grew up in New Jersey and said that her time studying Rutgers made her realize how much she enjoyed teaching. She tutored student-athletes and local high school students during her time there. Nichols is settling into the science department well, even though it will only be for this year.

“Everyone in the science department has been so helpful and encouraging,” said Nichols of her colleagues.

Nichols fits in automatically with a large group of teachers in the science department because they share a common trait. Ms. Sonia Bawa, Ms. Elana Resnick, Mrs. Heather McDermott, Mr. Oren Levi, Porciello, and Nichols all attended Rutgers University.

Students who are taking Biology with Nichols describe her as enthusiastic and helpful; Nichols said she is looking forward to watching her freshman grow and mature as students and people this year.