Ghosts are real


by Anna Barton, Senior Staff Writer

The existence of ghosts has been questioned since the beginning of human civilization. Since prehistoric times, many cultures have embraced the idea of paranormal activity and have passed down tales of ghosts and spirits beyond the grave throughout thousands of generations. Many cultures around the world promote the existence of an afterlife, in which life goes on within another realm. In some cultures, the existence of spirits isn’t a question, yet the belief of the existence of ghosts does not necessarily lie within one’s culture.

Division within the scientific community is prominent in regards to the existence of ghosts. It is one of the most widely discussed paranormal phenomena. Some researchers attempt to refute ghost sightings as optical illusions, yet there is far more evidence that goes beyond that.

There are many photographs throughout the world that contain “questionable” evidence. While some may be presumed as edited, there are many that have unmistakable images of a person or figure that is clearly not supposed to be in the picture. There are thousands of pieces of evidence like this including various sounds and videos. Yet, they don’t count as “scientific evidence.”

The reason behind the questionable existence of ghosts is the lack of scientific equipment. To prove the existence of ghosts, there must me the right type of technology to detect the spirit world, which, of course, has not yet been invented.

Although the existence of ghosts cannot be scientifically supported, it can be supported through personal experience. People around the world have experienced many unexplainable events that can only be attributed to the existence of paranormal activity. If hauntings do not exist, then how can they fluctuate property prices? In many cases, people feel as though their homes are haunted and find the realtor liable for withholding information.

Ghosts create sensations that one cannot explain.  There are times when their presence is questionable and there a moments when the experience is extremely real. Nevertheless, whether they can be scientifically proven or not, ghosts are, in fact, real.