Baseball team is rock ‘n the socks


Photo Credit: Mary Lange

The Glen Rock Panthers Baseball team will be wearing stirrups this season. Four players wore stirrups last year against Ridgefield including Max Felsenstein, Parker Chan, Matthew Lange, and Jason Palmeri.

by Max Felsenstein, Managing Editor

For years, baseball “fashion” was dominated by the stirrups. Stirrups are baseball socks that are half cut from the bottom, leaving an area for a sanitary sock underneath.

Until the early 1990s, baseball players everywhere from little league to the big leagues wore stirrups or high socks. It was not until Manny Ramirez entered the game, in 1993, that players began to wear their pants down to their ankles, called “Low Cuff Pants.” This look eliminated the use of stirrups except for a few hold outs.  What they say in the fashion world is you should hold on to your old clothes because eventually everything will be in style again.

For Glen Rock baseball in 2016, stirrups are back. After several senior players collaborated to order team stirrups, with the approval of Head Coach Crispino, the Panthers will have a new look this upcoming season. The players decided to order black stirrups with three red stripes, outlined by white stripes.

The Panthers’ stirrups feature a black stirrup with three red stripes, outlined by white stripes to match the school’s colors.

Glen Rock senior pitcher Zach Waller said, “I think stirrups are a good fashion trend and if the entire team is wearing them, it’s similar to a professional look.”

The opinion was shared by another pitcher, as well.

“I am a big believer in the philosophy, if you look good on the field, you will play well on the field, I think there is a direct correlation between the two,” Senior pitcher Jason Palmeri said.

Many high level and traditional baseball programs such as Team USA and many minor league and college baseball teams require that all players wear high socks or stirrups.

Stirrups are starting to become a huge fashion trend in the baseball world again as several major league teams have begun to wear stirrups including the Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, and St.Louis Cardinals, among others.

Stirrups began to come back when Bryce Harper entered Major League Baseball in 2012.

“When the best player in baseball is wearing stirrups, younger players try to mirror the look of their favorite stars and be just like them,” Palmeri said.

“I’ve always worn my pants down, but there is just a certain appeal of stirrups, and when the opportunity came to get them, I had to take it,” senior pitcher Ryan Stolz said.

While Glen Rock may look good on the field, it is all about results for the Panthers. The Panthers went 14-10 last season and are looking to build on the groundwork laid by second year Head Coach Crispino.

Glen Rock is looking to win its first state playoff game since 2013 and its first state championship since 1999.