Students get night off


A typical Glen Rock student homework scene

by Carter Stansel, Staff Writer

No homework, no problem. Students will be enjoying themselves tonight because it is officially no homework night.

Since last year, Glen Rock has been giving their students a homework free night once a marking period. The goal is to give students a break from their schoolwork and give them a less stressful evening. It allows the students to spend more time with their friends and family.

Some students, like freshman Andrew Lagattuta, are enthusiastic for the upcoming night off.

“I can spend some quality time with my family and have a nice dinner,” Lagattuta said.

Homework free nights have been successful in the past by giving the students a break from their heavy workload.

Many students have different opinions on the homework free nights. I feel that they are a great way to lighten the homework load on the students. It gives the students a break from their stressful schoolwork and allows them to spend time doing what they want.

“I feel like they give students a break and help us catch up on other work maybe, or just spend time with our family,”  Lagattuta said.

It is not a break for everyone in the school. The teaching staff still has some work, but they do not complain.

“For me, it’s not necessarily a break, but for (students) it is a break and its important that you have that break,” Ms. Sonia Bawa, science teacher, said.

The night off is designed to let students have more free time and spend it with their friends and family, but it does not always work that way. Students will sometimes spend their night preparing for a large test later in the week or doing assignments due in the future.

“From what I have heard, most teachers follow the rule and not give homework,” Bawa said.