New freshman class president elected


Photo Credit: Kate Casey

Cat Merkle is the newly elected freshman class president.

by Kate Casey, Staff Writer

Catherine Merkle was elected as the Class of 2019 president on Wednesday, Sept. 30th, the day after the freshmen voted for class officers at their class breakfast. She ran against Tara Daschil.

For campaigning, Merkle printed out hundreds of posters, each personalized with a freshman’s name on it, and wrote “Cat Merkle wants your vote” on each flyer.

“I did it so it would be more personal, and it would be like, I took the take time to do this, so I will take the time to be a good president,” Merkle said.

The vice president is Melchior Lee and the treasurer is Samantha Greene. 

“I think Cat’s going to be a really good president,” Lee said. “I’m happy that we are working together as a team.”

Many people agree that Catherine Merkle is qualified for a job of freshman class president. Last year, she was a middle school class president and received a Leadership Award at eighth grade graduation.

“I am responsible and organized, I am friendly, and I like talking to people and helping them,” Merkle said. 

Merkle plans on raising money, improving school events, and making the school a “safer place and an environment where everyone is accepted in.”

She is currently organizing the decorations for the freshman hallways and has already started a Facebook group for the freshmen class.

“She’s a super friendly person, so like working on anything with her is going to be fun.” Lee said.