Second lemon throwing incident takes joke too far


Students threw lemons on multiple occasions including two football games and the Lemon Swap.

by Zach McCollum, Opinion & Editorial Editor

On August 31, there was an event held at the high school called the Lemon Swap. The Lemon Swap was a student run event where students swapped lemons with more valuable objects or other pieces of the delectable yellow fruit.

Though the Lemon Swap was meant to be an event based on trading lemons, it ended up becoming a bunch of students throwing lemons and mashing them up in a bucket next to the building used as a snack bar at football games.

Despite the misleading title and event information, the Lemon Swap actually turned out to be a fun way to finish out the summer, and with none other than the second most valued summer fruit, after the watermelon, the leader of all citrus fruits, the lemon.

After the Swap, the lemon phenomenon continued when students decided to throw lemons around at the home football game against Rutherford. The lemon throwing was stopped first by school staff, but students continued to throw lemons. These lemons were batted down by Mr. Arlotta, but students did not back down and more lemons continued to be thrown. A Glen Rock policeman who was attending the game finally stepped in. After this final order, the students stopped their throwing.

Though it was a slightly ridiculous activity, the lemon throwing was easily one of the most original and hilarious ways to show school spirit. The lemons were only thrown by seniors, making it somewhat of a premature senior prank.

This should have been the only time lemons were thrown because if another lemon throwing at another football game it would just be overdone.

With this being said, another lemon throwing did occur. It was orchestrated by one student who will go unnamed.   

This second lemon throwing took place at the Glen Rock vs. Hawthorne game, which was an away game. The first half of the game was lemon-free, but by the second half of the game the student decided to throw the lemons once again. After just one lemon, the throwing was immediately stopped by Hawthorne police, and a student was named.

The second lemon throwing was a terrible idea. A disgusting display of how a funny joke can be turned terrible. The lemon thrower at the Hawthorne game should not have continued  the joke. The joke was simply over after the Lemon Swap and the first throwing at the game against Rutherford. The student’s actions caused a different student to be framed for the throwing who never even received a simple apology.

Even after all the events related to lemons, ideas of lemons continue to float around the hallways and the internet. A new rule should be instated that if a student is holding a lemon or a lemon-related object, it should be immediately smacked out of his or her hand.