Artsy photo app grows in popularity


Photo Credit: Julia Blando

VSCOcam is the perfect app to upload creative photos

by Olivia Lorenzo, Senior Staff Writer

VSCOcam is not a brand-new phone app, but it is fairly new to Glen Rock students.

VSCOcam is an app where people can edit pictures and share them onto their grid or journal. People can also edit their pictures on the app and then upload them to Instagram, Twitter, or send them to other people on their email. These features have made it an app that is gaining popularity because a lot of people are using it to add filters or adjust the brightness on a photo to put on other social media apps.

“I always use this app to edit my pictures, it’s my favorite to edit pictures with,” said Emily Pensec, sophomore.

One of the best things about this app is that you can see other people’s artsy and creative photos. You can explore what your friends or people you follow are posting and possibly get inspiration for your own uploads.

Some common pictures that people upload to VSCOcam are landscape photos.

“A lot of artsy landscape pictures are posted,” said Christina Jorge, sophomore. “The filters are high quality and it’s really easy to edit my photos there.”

The question is whether this app stick around for a long time or is it more of a fad. Apps such as Instagram gained popularity and ended up being bought out by Facebook and are still very popular today. Will VSCOcam follow this or will it only last for a little while?

Jorge and Pensec both agree that the app is confusing to use, so it might not last.  

Something about the app that attracts people to download it is the fact that people mostly post artsy pictures. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter are all platforms on which one doesn’t necessarily post artsy pictures. 

“I like VSCO and I like to post artsy pictures,” said Matt Alport, junior.