APR converted to new fitness center


Photo Credit: Max Felsenstein

The new fitness center will keep students physically active during school hours and after school hours.

by Max Felsenstein, Managing Editor

Glen Rock High School has added a new Fitness Center, located in the All-Purpose Room, for students to use with their Physical Education classes, their respective sports teams, or on their own.

“The new Fitness Center allows for more students to be physically active and learn how to work machines, so they can learn how to workout on their own, create their own fitness plan, and use it for the rest of their lives,” said Physical Education teacher and tennis coach Bonnie Zimmerman.

The new Fitness Center consists of Cybex International fitness machines, which are designed for athletes to achieve “fitness perfection,” according to the Cybex Research Institute.

Cybex International has partnered with eight different sponsorships and sports programs to ensure that their machines are safe, durable, and useful for all types of athletes.

“The machines are state-of-the-art quality,” said three-sport athlete and senior Mike O’Hagan. “They give kids the opportunity for a full body workout. The rowing machines, cardio equipment, and adjustable cable machines are better than equipment that I’ve seen on some college campuses.”

The Fitness Center cleared space in the high school’s weight room. In the past, the weight room was used for free weights and cardio equipment, but with the addition of the Fitness Center, the school is able to improve both exercise rooms.

After students are taught procedures and safety instructions for the machines in the Fitness Center, it will be open to all physical education classes, all sports teams, and individual athletes and students under the supervision of Jason Mittelman, athletic trainer and head basketball coach.

“We’re all very excited about the athletic department, and we think we’re going to see immediate results with our students, it’s been four years in the making, and I can’t wait to see it get going in full effect,” Zimmerman said.