Coming from the land down under


Photo Credit: Carter Stansel

Lachlan Crago, who moved to Glen Rock from Australia, started his freshmen year of high school much the same way as his classmates.

by Carter Stansel, Staff writer

He grew up living with kangaroos, now he’s living just miles away from the Big Apple.   Lachlan Crago (’19) moved to Glen Rock just over three months ago from New South Wales, Australia.

Crago lived a normal life in Australia – going to the beach, playing soccer, attending school, but they were different in their own unique ways.

However, in Crago’s eyes, Glen Rock may not be as different from the outback as one may think. “Just little things [are different] really,” Crago said.

American sports, were one of these dissimilarities. In Australia, individuals played cricket, AFL (Australian Football League), and grid iron. Lacrosse was introduced to Crago for the first time upon his arrival to the states.

Crago also was introduced to many new foods.

“We eat different foods. One of my favorite things to eat back in Australia was meat pies.”

During his three months in the United States, he’s taken a liking towards Pop Eye’s and Starbucks.

Crago tried to clarify some Australian stereotypes: Australians are always near the water, every Australian is a surfer, kangaroos are a frequency in their normal routine, and pet kolas are the norm. “That’s all true but we don’t have pet koalas,” Crago said.

For Glen Rock students, Crago has been a welcome addition of culture to their school.

“A lot of kids haven’t been so far outside of Glen Rock and to hear how other people are in other countries and what they do on a regular basis is nice for kids to know,” Gabriel Weinstock (’19) said on Crago’s arrival in Glen Rock.

“We had very much culture, here I feel like there are a few people that aren’t American… but I haven’t seen much,” Crago said. He feels it is more diverse in his Australian hometown as compared to Glen Rock, but he hasn’t seen it all yet.

Although Crago is taking Glen Rock on with full force, he still misses his home country.

“I just miss my friends and family really,” said Crago.