Glen Rock couple publishes second children’s book


Photo Credit: Ben Solomon

Authors Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant published their second book, That’s (Not) Mine, on September 1. They visited the Glen Rock Public Library on September 12 to talk present the story to local families.

by Ben Solomon, Staff Writer

Glen Rock authors have released their second children’s picture book.

Author Anna Kang and her husband illustrator Christopher Weyant released their second book, That’s (Not) Mine, on September 1 through publisher Two Lions. 

The book follows the story of two bears arguing over a chair, aimed at teaching young children about sharing.

The authors visited the Glen Rock Public library on Saturday, September 12.  They shared their new book to a crowd of onlookers comprised of parents and their children.

One Glen Rock parent, who thinks the books are positive influences on children, said that the lessons it teaches are “absolutely important.”

The new book is a sequel to the author’s  first book, You Are (Not) Small, a book that teaches the lesson of perspective. Kang said that she got her inspiration for the book from her childhood.

As a child with a Korean heritage, she always felt as if she were a minority,  but she came to realize that she was not all that different. It was just a matter of perspective  

Kang said that the first book was “based on me growing up a minority on Long Island.”

“My family was the only Korean family in our suburb and I grew up thinking I was different and everyone else is fine,” she said. “That’s how I grew up until I started spending time with my family in Korea.

“My perspective changed.”

Weyant, the illustrator of both books, also works as a political cartoonist. He had always planned on becoming a lawyer but decided he preferred illustrating.

The entire book-making process can take up to two years, so there usually is a delay between books.

Kang and Weyant are planning to release their third book, called I am (Not) Scared, featuring the same purple-and-orange fuzzy characters from the first two books.

“The book will be coming out October 2016,” Kang said. “It’s about fear. Everybody has their own personal fear and need to learn to overcome them.”

A fourth book planned for Spring 2016 will be titled Can I Tell You a Secret.