Glen Rock football loses heartbreaker to Rutherford, 26-22

by Ryan Stolz, Sports Editor

Despite starting a new quarterback for the first time in two years, Glen Rock found themselves in a position to win the football game with a mere 30 seconds left.

Glen Rock took the lead with 8 minutes left off of Matt Schlett’s second rushing touchdown of the game which ended a five minute drive that put Glen Rock back on top. “We really fought hard to get the lead back at that point,” said senior Lineman, Zach Mulcahy, “The game had really gone back and forth and we felt we had a chance to put us on top for good.”

Glen Rock ran the ball on 61% of its plays, which could signal a shift in offensive strategy from when former quarterback Brady Miller, now graduated, was under center.

Schlett completed 41% of his passes.

With the ball own their own 40 yard line and 2:54 left, Glen Rock was in position for a season-defining drive that could get them the win.

With the clock winding down towards the end of the game and in need of a big play, Glen Rock called a hook-and-ladder in which they gained 30 yards. With 30 seconds remaining, Glen Rock would have a chance to throw two Hail Mary’s and hope that one of their talented wide receivers could make the play. On the first drop-back, Schlett threw into double-coverage and was intercepted. This clinched Rutherford’s 26-22 win over Glen Rock and their first win over Glen Rock since 2012.

Despite the rocky performance, Max Egermayer(’16) proved to be a bright spot in the loss. Egermayer excelled on offense, defense and special teams, catching four passes for 68 yards as well as recording 103 yards on punt/kick returns.

Glen Rock takes on the 13th ranked Hawthorne Cubs in its next game on Friday,  September 18 at 7 p.m.