High school seeks new English teacher to fill vacated position


Photo Credit: Beth Keefe

English teacher Ms. Allen covers an English 11 class, while the Board of Education is in the process of interviewing possible candidates.

The search for a replacement high school English teacher has progressed with the publication of an advertisement in newspapers this past weekend.

Just two days before the start of the new school year, a longtime Glen Rock High School English teacher unexpectedly resigned, leaving five English classes without a teacher.

Five other certified English teachers quickly filled in for his position until a permanent replacement could be selected, according to a letter sent home to his students last week from Principal Arlotta.

The letter explained that the teacher had left the district but that all students and families could be reassured that there should be no worries since a smooth transition could still occur.

In the interim, certified English teachers Laura Allen, Diane McNicholas, John Milsovic, Peggy Todd, and Jason Toncic have each taken on one of the classes.

Assistant Principal Michael Pasciuto said that he had not seen someone resign so close to the start of the school year. The short notice left for scheduling difficulties the day before classes started.

“We had to take teachers out of their duties that matched up with classes,” he said.  Pasciuto said that he had to cover an option period himself when it was realized that one of the assigned teachers was covering a class.

Despite the scheduling difficulty, Pasciuto believes that there have already been many qualified applicants for the position.

For English Department Head Patricia Mahoney, finding a properly qualified replacement is a top priority.

“Starting on Thursday, we are going to be interviewing candidates and we are advertising for a permanent tenure track teacher,” she said.

While the district has taken the necessary steps to secure a certified replacement, many students were nonetheless taken by surprise when they first heard the news that other teachers would be teaching their English classes.

“I didn’t know until my friends told me,” said one student in an affected class. “I was looking forward to English this year.”

Yet other students saw the bright side of the unexpected resignation.

“I was a little bummed when I heard about the news because I really enjoyed his class, but once I saw that I have Miss Allen again, I had a better feeling about English this year because she’s a good teacher, too,” Katie Vanschoonhoven (‘17) said.

An English teacher covering a class said that the entire department was focused on providing the same high level instruction for which the department has been known.