Live for the music


by Nicola Fornino, Staff Writer

There’s a single stool on the Coffeehouse platform. The lights are dim except the single spotlight ready to shine on the next performer. His voice, his guitar, and his microphone were all Kieve Colligan (’15) needed to impress the audience with his performance.

Since he was 15 years old, Colligan has taken guitar lessons. Guitar is the only instrument that he plays right now. But when he was younger, he played the drums for about six months.

Colligan has been performing for so many years that he is unsure of how long he has been getting on stage. His first performance was when he was four years old. For a couple of years, Colligan performed as part of the school musical.

Although he presently performs solo, Colligan performed with a band once at his old school. Other than musicals and this one band performance, it’s only him and his guitar.

Some of Colligan’s recent performances include both Coffeehouses during 2015 and Teen Arts.

“Performing is exciting and enjoyable for not just the crowd, but also me,” Colligan says.

Colligan said that before getting on stage, “I don’t feel anything. I really don’t feel nervous. I’m excited about it.”

His brother is someone from his family that has influenced him greatly. He is the front man of the band, Will Wood and the Tapeworms. “He is an influence on me, on my liking towards music,” Colligan explains.

The 1975 is Colligan’s favorite artist. “I like the way they look at things, and their music is very relatable at times,”They also sing his favorite song, “Robbers.”

Some of his other favorite artists include Alt-J and Green Day.

“It’s a good way to relax, and it’s nice to listen to something that I can relate to,” Colligan says. “If I don’t have music, I have a terrible day.”