Instagram joins the ranks


Photo Credit: Kaitlin Stansel

A post from The Glen Echo Instagram @TheGlenEchoGRHS.

by Erin Jones, Staff Writer

Every year there are new improvements to The Glen Echo. This year many of the new additions have been focused on social media. The newest addition is The Glen Echo Instagram Page.

Social Media is a huge part of everyone’s everyday life. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram,  people are constantly being updated with what is happening locally as well as worldwide. The idea of creating an Instagram page for The Glen Echo was a no-brainer. It is convenient, informational, and it gives one an insider’s view on what is happening behind the scenes of the Glen Echo and the journalism classes.

“The Instagram is mainly supposed to be behind the scenes. It’s mostly the class, so it’s going to differ from the Twitter because there won’t be as much student life as opposed to what’s going on in journalism itself and The Glen Echo,” said Kaitlin Stansel, The Glen Echo’s Social Media editor.

The idea to create the page came from numerous sources. The staff writers, editors, and faculty adviser, teacher Jason Toncic, put their minds together to form a unique Instagram page.

“Mr. Toncic was a major influence but also peers in the journalism class and I contributed in some aspects,” Stansel said.

People who have an Instagram know how simple the process of creating a page is. All one has to do is create a username, password, and verify an email. Yet for The Glen Echo the process was far from simple.

“To start our Twitter we had to start a social media platform, so we already had that so we had to show Mr. Arlotta and he had to show it to the Board so that took a long time, like a few weeks or so,” Stansel said.

Many Instagram accounts are focused on the user’s personal life. These users accounts give you a glimpse into their everyday life. The Glen Echo’s Instagram differs from the typical Instagram page. The page posts includes pictures of The Glen Echo staff working hard on articles in the journalism classes, behind the scene glimpses of the filming of The Panther Den, and much more to come.

“It is creative and informational unlike many other pages that are just for fun,” sophomore Elizabeth Alba said.

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