Should GRHS have an SAT prep class?


Photo Credit: Nicola Fornino

Glen Rock High School freshman Mia Ramdayal studies for the SAT test.

by Nicola Fornino, Staff Writer

Many students at GRHS are well prepared to take their SATs. But would an SAT prep class at our school be beneficial?

In the past, there has been an SAT prep class at GRHS. This class was hosted by a third party—not teachers.

“I think both have their benefits,” Principal John Arlotta said, “But teaching the strategies on the test is a whole different skill set that not all teachers may possess.”

Students would feel more comfortable if their everyday teachers were preparing them as opposed to a third party educator.

A third party may be helpful because many teachers do not have enough knowledge about the SATs to tutor students. A majority of the teachers do not know how to prepare students for this test because they are not required to do so.

Another way that students may feel more comfortable learning is if they know the people that are surrounding them. Students may take private tutoring sessions because they work more efficiently under possible test-taking conditions. However, other students may learn effectively when they are in a classroom atmosphere, where they know many of their peers.

“The prep class may be beneficial depending on the student,” Rochelle Kizhnerman, high school guidance counselor, says, regarding to the type of test that students decide to take: ACT or SAT, “Many students will still need additional preparation to feel more comfortable and confident taking the test.”

“If some teachers know enough about the SAT, then I think it would be great if they could teach a prep course,” Erica Jones (’17) explains.

Jones is one of the many students that took an SAT prep class outside of Glen Rock. She has been preparing for her SATs since January.

This class may be easier to take if it was after school instead of being chosen as an elective. This way, students don’t feel pressured into selecting that class instead of taking classes that they would enjoy attempting.

If Glen Rock offered an SAT prep class, students wouldn’t have to worry about a commute or a set schedule, because it would be held at the school.

If teachers or a third party would be willing to contribute to this type of tutoring class, it may be very beneficial for a majority of students.