Big changes coming to Glenstock 2015

A guitar that is played.  During this years Glenstock, changes are coming!

A guitar that is played. During this year’s Glenstock, changes are coming!

by Zach McCollum and Dylan Kennedy

The annual school-run music festival, Glenstock, will be held in the courtyard on June 2.

Glenstock has been a very popular event among students for years, and there are some changes coming to the festival this year.

The event is run by student council and its advisers Ms. Bennin, Mr. Lyon, and Ms. Bawa. The advisers change every couple of years, and now the responsibility has fallen upon these three very enthusiastic teachers.

The changes coming to Glenstock have been made to improve the festival, and to make the process easier for musicians to participate in the event.

“Every band has to submit lyrics and up to three recorded songs,” said Ms. Bennin, “and from there we’ll have a meeting with the bands and talk about the equipment set up.”

Last year and several years prior, bands were asked to bring all of their instruments to school and formally audition in front of student council and the advisers. The plan to do away with that was to make it easier for the bands to submit their songs and lyrics without having to take time out of their schedule to do a formal audition.

“It’s just time wise, a little bit easier for the bands, as well as student council,” Ms. Bennin said, “and there is nothing that you can do recorded that you cannot do live.”

“We don’t want to limit people by forcing them to try to come make it here for an audition,” Mr. Lyon said.

Another great change brought to Glenstock this year is the set-times for each band. Last year students were each given a time limit based on seniority and skill level.

This year, every band will only have three songs each to play. These changes have received both negative and positive criticism from students and staff members as well.

“It would have been nice to maybe recognize that it’s the seniors’ last year to play,” said teacher and Glenstock performer Mr. Levi, “so seniors should maybe get one or two more songs.”

Aside from these administrative changes, the majority of students are changing Glenstock by participating in more than one musical act. In years prior, students would limit themselves to one or two bands, but the number of bands students are playing in has risen to three and even to four acts.

“I’m playing in around four bands,” Adam Donatuccio (’15) said “with all different people in each of the bands.”

With this in mind, there is likely to be many different kinds of musical styles from each of the bands.

Some of the bands this year include Bad Susan, Speak Easy, Ke$ha Medley, and many more.

“I’m pretty pumped; I’m actually pretty pumped for Glenstock 2015,” said Donatuccio.