Glen Rock High School ranked 34th in the state


by Tim Fink, Staff Writer

This year Glen Rock High School was ranked 34th out of 384 high schools in New Jersey. This ranking is accurately shown in the classroom, where students and teachers work hard for themselves and for one another.

Glen Rock parents are pleased with this ranking because it reflects on their child’s work as well as the other students in the school.

“I feel good about sending my kids to Glen Rock. It justifies the taxes we pay; just about 70% of those taxes are allocated to the school district,” Robyn O’Hagan, parent of Glen Rock students, said. “I also feel that colleges look more favorably upon our kids because they are ready to learn at the next level.”

This ranking is reflected in how the school is run.

“I think it’s rating mainly comes from the high average standardized test scores, the variety of courses offered, and the amount of students that successfully complete Advanced Placement courses,” Carol Stoddard, Glen Rock parent, said.

Also, the new drop schedule was added to the high school to give students more time to focus and in turn do better because they have more time to go over the rigorous curriculum that Glen Rock has.

“I think the new schedule has many benefits, including more study time,” Melissa Russo, Glen Rock parent, said.