Curtains open for spring concert

Curtains open for spring concert

by Githmie Goonatilleke, Staff Writer

The spring concert is an annual performance by the concert choir class, the school band and the jazz band.

According to Caitlin Rundle, a freshman who is part of the choir, the spring concert is a time for students to “show off their skills.”

The spring concert has more “audience pleasing music,” as described by Mrs. Sneyers who will be conducting the concert.

“We’re doing a more of a rhythmic piece with nonsense syllables but done rhythmically and done with a djembe,” Mrs. Sneyers said.

The students will be performing a 35-minute Broadway medley, a voice dance and then end with the Battle Hymn of the Republic. There will also be a professional accompanist to help the choir out.

On May 15, all students in choir had their one and only rehearsal. Although the rehearsal was only one day, the students missed all their morning classes to rehearse for the concert.

“At the end of the concert, we acknowledge are seniors and our honor students. We have a rose ceremony to acknowledge our gratitude for them, making a commitment for choir for four years,” Mrs. Sneyers said.

But this year, the students performing will have to acknowledge Mrs. Sneyers as it will be her last year conducting the spring concert and her last year teaching here.

Her students agree that Mrs. Sneyers has been a great teacher and will be sad to see her leave.

“She was a very good teacher and taught me a lot of new things to improve the way I sing,” Rundle said.

“Mrs. Sneyers never failed to make class interesting and it was always fun,” said Caroline Lohr, a freshman in Mrs. Sneyers class.

“Some of them say it’s sad and I agree it’s sad, but I also let them know that it’s just different. It’s just knowing that a good teacher is a good teacher,” Sneyers said, talking about who will take over her class in the future. “I’m sure that it will be someone who has similar philosophies to Mr. Helder in the way we approach students. It’s always about the good of the student.”

Sneyers said that she received many emails and messages from her past students telling her that they want to join her and the rest of the choir in this year’s concert. If they are invited onto the stage, Sneyers wants everyone to sing a song called Encore, a song that everybody who’s ever been in choir knows.

Mrs. Sneyers has many great memories of working with her colleague, Mr Helder. She believes that she and Mr Helder are “a great team together” and that there was “no sense of competition” when working with him.

Overall, Sneyers is grateful for the support from both the community and the administration and is very excited for this concert. She plans on still being involved in music but “either working through a college or getting a chance to work with younger children.”