A blast from the past: is 80’s fashion coming back in style?

by Julia Rooney, Staff Writer

Mini-skirts, crop-tops, parachute pants and jumpsuits; your outfit may be more similar to your mom’s teenage style then you thought.

Articles of clothing popular in the 1980’s are being worn as statement pieces today.

“I guess some of my outfits relate to the 80’s, I wear headbands,” said Lee Hasselmann (‘17)

For a while people tucked away their pictures from the ‘80’s and cringed at the sight of neon and elastic pants. However, if you walked into stores like urban outfitters or forever 21 today, you’d find leather jackets and shoulder pads on display.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Gwen Stefani are fashion icons for the modern version of the 80’s fashion era.

“I think fashion today is like the 80’s. I wear high-waisted shorts, that’s a repeating trend,” said Fiona Higgins (’16)

Rihanna as an up and coming fashion icon, her outfit choices relating back to the 80’s. She has been spotted wearing emblematic old-school sneakers, bleach-washed jeans, and high waist pants.

Lady Gaga is also a fan of the 80’s styled fashion pieces. She has been seen sporting cheetah print shirts and sequined mini-skirts.

“People wear leggings and animal prints and converse, people will always wear converse,” said Kate Grochan (‘17)

Walking down the halls at school, you see more and more people wearing white converse, ray-bans glasses and baseball hats; all commodities relating back to the 80’s.

“White converse and denim are still popular and Ray Bans are cool too,” said Hasselmann

Recently, denim jackets came back in style and they are now commonly worn with denim jeans too.

“The 80’s is colorful and so is now. Jean jackets are coming back and simple colorful clothing,” said Anna Barton (’16)

Gwen Stefani helped bring the slouchy-sweater back in style and the chunky heel. Nowadays when people see neon’s or elastic pants, they no longer cringe; they are once again attracted towards them.

“At some point or another every trend makes a comeback,” said Grochan