No Homework Night: One Last Time

by Mia Ramdayal

On May 13th, the Glen Rock High School is having their last no homework night for the 2014-2015.

Instigated last year by Principal John Arlotta, no homework night specifically does not allow teachers to assign homework. No homework night originated for students can spend more time with their family and friends. In addition, this may decrease the amount of pressures facing students today.

Between studying for Final Exams, AP testing, and subject test, many students have not allocated enough time for themselves.

Nicola Fornino, a sophomore, is excited to have a no homework night.

“ I am going to spend my time listening to music, playing guitar, and sleeping,” Fornino said.

Fornino says that it’s been a long time since she was able to just have time for herself and wish no homework night occurred twice each marking period.

Yehune Son, a senior, is also looking forward to a no homework night.

“ Due to AP testing and other test for other classes, I haven’t really had time to enjoy the things I like, which is why no homework night is beneficial during this time,” Son said.

Administrators and other board members believe that by having this night, students will have a better opportunity to catch up on some sleep, and do other enjoyable activities.