Unfriended: A movie review

The AMC theater is one of the cinemas where the movie, Unfriended is being shown.

The AMC theater is one of the cinema’s where the movie, Unfriended is being shown.

by Githmie Goonatilleke, Staff Writer

To put it lightly, Unfriended, directed by Levan Gabriadze, is one movie which I would not recommend any of my friends to watch. Considering that there were less than five people at the theater, I can confer that not many people wanted to see this move in the first place.

The movie portrays “a group of friends that are on Skype and someone goes and kills them,” as described by Kate Dreszler, a freshman. The group includes high school students, Blaire Lily (played by Shelley Henning), Mitch Roussel (Moses Jacob Storm), Jess Felton (Renee Olstead), Adam Sewell (Will Peltz), Ken Smith (Jacob Wysocki) and Val Rommel (Courtney Halverson). The person who goes and kills the group is implied to be the ghost of Laura Barns, a student and friend of the group, who committed suicide after an embarrassing video was posted online. The video showed Laura extremely drunk and making a fool of herself. The whole movie was depicted on a laptop screen except for the last few seconds where Laura’s ghost closed the laptop of Blaire to kill her.

Although it was a good idea to use a new angle when filming this movie, by showing the audience what was on the computer, it was weird to watch an entire movie on an enlarged laptop screen.

Laura’s motive to kill all six kids was to find who posted the embarrassing video. Throughout the movie Laura kills each person and at the same time reveals many of the groups secrets. The first person to go was Val Rommel, who apparently posted a comment on Laura’s embarrassing video to go kill herself. Shortly after her comments are posted to Instagram, Val’s video chat comes through and it shows her staring blankly at the camera. It is implied that the ghost of Laura forces Val to drink bleach, which kills her.

Blaire told everyone that Val used to get seizures, which made me feel that the director was just adding random excuses for her death. They brought up her seizures at the wrong time, which made the movie feel unrealistic.

Next to die is Ken, who tries to get rid of Laura from the Skype chat. Although he is successful for a few moments, Laura finds a way to get back on the chat, but this time her camera is on. It shows that the ghost is in Ken’s house. Immediately after, Ken’s video camera freezes only to come back on to show Ken’s arms being mangled by a blender. After that, the camera freezes and unfreezes again to show the blender blades slicing Ken’s throat. This part of the movie was considered funny to Julia Blando who also watched to movie.

“I started laughing when his hand went in the blender,” Blando said. According to the freshman, she was excited to see Unfriended, but “after I left the movie theater, I felt extreme disappointment because it was horrible.” Blando describes the movie as the type of horror movie that is more of a joke.

The rest of the movie also included the deaths of Adam, Jess, Mitch and finally Blaire. It is revealed that Mitch is the one who posted the embarrassing video of Laura but it was actually Blaire who took the video in the first place. In the end, the embarrassing video is posted on Facebook but this time the last part of the video shows Blaire’s face. Finally, a pair of hands closing Blaire’s laptop and the probable ghost of Laura jumping out to kill Blaire

Throughout most of the movie, I was laughing more than screaming, which I’m sure wasn’t what the director wanted. Many of the deaths were extremely unrealistic, even for a horror movie.

Overall the movie wasn’t that scary and many of the character’s deaths were more funny than horrific.