Teachers bring children to school for a day


Photo Credit: Christina Howie

Mrs. Pierri and Mrs. McDermott’s sons cleaned the fish tank together in the Environmental room.

by Christina Howie, Staff Writer

Glen Rock student’s were not the only ones roaming the hallways on Thursday, April 23rd.

Faculty members participated in “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day,” which is a non-profit educational program that encourages parents to bring their children to work.

Teachers including Mr. McCrary, Dr. Galvagni, Mrs. Pierri and Mrs. McDermott brought their children in for the day, so they could shadow them.

“There are several aspects about bring your kid to work day that I enjoyed such as being able to spend time with our children and having children interact with our peer’s children as well as with our students,” Mrs. Pierri, special education teacher, said.

She brought in both her sons, Owen (5) and Evan (6.5).

Photo Credit: Christina Howie
Dr. Galvagni had her two sons assist her while she taught French 4 Honors

“Also having the children be part of what we, teachers, do on a daily basis and having students see a different side of their teachers.”

The day is not only exciting for the teachers and their children, but students as well.

“Seeing the teachers with their kids brought out a different side of the teachers that you don’t get to see in the classroom, plus the kids were adorable,” Anna Brogan (‘16) said.

“It was so cute to see how much some of the kids liked helping out in little ways during the class, especially during French,” Juliana Roddy (‘16) said.

“I found that my students actually enjoy having the faculty’s children in school on this particular day.  They wanted to partner and work with my kids on the activities we do in class (which directly related to the concepts we were covering),” Pierri said.  “I have noticed that the students try to involve the kids as much as possible.”

Bring your child to work day was founded in the summer of 1992 in New York by the Ms. Foundation for Women and its president, Marie C. Wilson.  The founder of the Ms. Foundation Gloria Steinem also assisted in the creation.

The celebration is held the 4th Thursday of April every year and over 37 million children, parents,  and schools in over 3.5 million workplaces throughout the country participate.Over 200 countries around the world take part in this day in total.

Photo Credit: Christina Howie
Ms. Gallo showed her daughter, Peyton, around the school during her free period.

Other school districts around the area organize activities that relate to the different academic departments.  For example, the Science Department will arrange experiments that the kids can do while the English Department will arrange a story time. Although Glen Rock does not do this, the day is still a success.

“Although it is an exhausting day, it was a lot of fun having them here,” Pierri said.