One last season


Photo Credit: Carly Benjamin's father

Senior, Kate Kelly, is sad to leave Glen Rock softball behind but is excited to continue the season this year.

by Olivia Lorenzo , Staff Writer

“I’m going to miss playing with Glen Rock a lot next year,” said Kate Kelly, a senior at Glen Rock High School. Kelly has been a proud member of the Glen Rock softball team for all four years of high school.

Ever since she first started the sport in kindergarten  playing T-ball, she has always enjoyed softball. “My older sister played and my parents wanted me to try it so I started.”

Kate is a pitcher on the team. The pitcher has a very important role. They need to stay consistent and help the team win with perfect pitches.

This year has been especially successful for the star pitcher. Kelly was proud when the team took home a win over Paramus, a team they haven’t beaten in many years. This felt very good for Kate and her teammates.

“I love how close the team is this year, and we’ve all gotten to know each other a lot better and it definitely helps us on the field.”

This year the girl’s varsity softball team draws a wide range of ages, from freshmen to seniors. With all the team bonding, it definitely motivates the girls to try their best and perform better in the games.

“I have gotten extremely close to my teammates and coaches, so it will be weird to say goodbye to all of that,” said Kate. It is bittersweet for Kelly and her fellow seniors. They get to move on to new and exciting journeys but they will miss the softball team and the school they have known for years.

So far in the season, the girls have pulled off seven wins and they have been working hard at every practice to win the games and the 2015 season has been going great and Kate is excited to play an important part of it.

“Softball has taught me a lot about myself and throughout the years it seems to pay off,” said Kelly.