New schedule deemed a success


by Josh Stein, Media Editor

As the first semester of the 2014-2015 school year has closed, the new schedule has now been deemed a success by students and faculty.

The new schedule features a rotating drop schedule originally advocated by Principal John Arlotta. Each class meets for three out of the four rotating days. On the fourth day of the schedule, the class is “dropped” and does not meet. In the previous year’s schedule, each class would meet every day.

One of the numerous advantages of the new schedule includes a longer class period. Each class period meets for 58 minutes instead of last year’s allotted 45 minute period. Teachers are encouraged to go more in-depth in their lessons and studies using this additional time.

One trouble with the old schedule is if a student needed to seek a teacher for extra help or to make up a test, the student would need to either come before or after school. With the new schedule, all students and teacher have the same lunch period and a student can easily seek out a teacher for extra help or test make up.

Furthermore, the new schedule prepares students for college. In college, students will not have the same classes every day, and students must learn to budget their time, based on their varying class schedule.

“It’s really trying to prepare you for the next level,” said Arlotta in October’s edition of On the Air with Arlotta. “The same thing everyday is not what you are going to confront in the real world.”

In addition, the new schedule has been praised by the student body, as well.

“I really like the new schedule,” said junior Erik Domlija. “The rotating aspect of the schedule provides each day to be different.”

Junior Joe Cho stated that he enjoys the lab situation most out of the new schedule. “Labs are so much easier with the new schedule,” he said. “I just go during my lunch period instead of missing gym.”