The Power Forward

by Tim Fink, Staff Writer

Dan Frissora, senior co-captain and power forward on the basketball team, has contributed to the Glen Rock basketball team in multiple ways.

“Dan is one of our go-to guys. He is a solid rebounder, good ball handler and can shoot the three (three-point shot),” senior and co-captain Brady Miller said.

Frissora has helped, both offensively and defensively, to get the team get to a record of 5-4. So far he has made eight field goals (baskets), two three-pointers, and three free throws.

“Dan is currently averaging 6 points and 6 rebounds per game. In last night’s loss, he held Garfield’s starting center to 0 points. Garfield’s center has had several 20+point performances this season,” coach Jason Mittelman said.

Dan also helps the team by teaching the younger players what he has learned at practice. He focuses on ways to improve himself at practice which usually translates into improvement in the games.

“My approach to practice is just to work hard and focus on fixing the mistakes I made last game,” Frissora said.

He works hard to make sure that everyone remains focused on his long term goals.

Frissora studies the opponents before game time to get a better look at their style of play.

“We always have a scouting report to look at, and we usually have film of the other team to watch. Each team has a different style of play that we have to prepare for,” Frissora said. Looking at film and scouting reports help the team develop strategies and a game plan.

This is Frissora’s second year as a varsity player. His ability to plan, motivate himself and others has made him one of the unsung heroes of the Panthers Basketball team.

Frissora truly inspires his teammates through his hard work, determination and sportsmanship.  He is a leader among the younger teammates and leads by a good example.

His tenacious defense has been a big benefit to the team and what keeps them in games.  Frissora is very consistent in his performance and that is what makes him so dependable in practice and during games.

He knows how to handle the pressure of games and the pressures of being a varsity athlete.  Having dependable, hardworking and consistent players is important to any team especially if they want to win.