Freshman: first time taking midterms

by Julia Blando, staff writer

“I love the midterms,” Stephen McRae, freshman, said.

Yet most freshman are very worried about midterms, as it is their first time taking them, and have already started studying.

“I’ve been studying 15 or 20 minutes each night for about a week, and this weekend I’m going to do about an hour each day, and I’ll do maybe 30 minutes each night the actual week of midterms,” Tyler Richardson, freshman, said.

“I’m just gonna study probably enough to get a good grade. Especially in like, math, and English, because, why not?” Eric Tymoshenko, freshman, said. His favorite study method is to “cram it all in the last second.”

“I’m planning on studying a lot, like a lot a lot a lot,” Benjamin Solomon, freshman, said. He started studying every day, two weeks before midterms began.

“Probably over the weekends, I’ll do like, one to two hours each day,” McRae said. “I usually study from like 1 to 3 o’clock by using my notes and old homeworks.”

“I’m gonna study a lot, with the study guides,” Alexandra Long, freshman, said.

What they think:

“I don’t think they’re necessarily a good way to measure how well people are doing in a class; not everybody is good at taking tests. But there isn’t really another good way, at least that I can think of, to see how well somebody’s doing,” Richardson said.

“I don’t think that there is a reason for them; I think that they’re pointless,” Tymoshenko said.

“I need to take midterms more seriously, since I’m in advanced classes,” McRae said.

“I mean, they’re good for learning, I don’t know,” Long said.

“No, I’m not going to study, because I’m not taking them, because Mr. Arlotta said I don’t have to,” Nick Marcello, freshman, said.