Preparation for the next event has begun

After a very successful bake sale early in December, the class of 2017 officers and advisers immediately began discussing ideas for their next event. One of the main ideas was a sports tournament for the students at GRHS. As the class officers came back to school from their winter break, they began discussing details with some of the gym teachers.

Although nothing is set in stone, the class of 2017 officers and advisers hope that their next event will come fairly soon. The possibility of a sporting event has come up multiple times, and so far it appears as though that will be the event where officers and advisers will aim to complete.

“We’re talking with gym teachers on a sporting event,” said Anne Nebbia, sophomore class treasurer.

Many ideas were thought of for the next event to raise money for the sophomore semiformal, but the class officers and advisers ultimately decided that a sporting event would be the best option.

“We chose a sporting event because they are fun,” said sophomore class president Ryan Dooner. “If we get enough people we can make a lot of money for the class.”

Most likely, the sporting event will be either badminton or volleyball. However any sport that can be played in our high school gym is an option. Although the class officers and advisers will put their best efforts into making this event happen, the decision whether the event will take place or not will lie in the hands of the students. In order for the event to take place, there must be enough who are interested. So far, the news of a possible sporting event has brought excitement to many high school students

“It sounds like a lot of fun. I would join,” said John Fiorino, senior.

The time and date of this event is still being discussed, but it looks like the class officers are shooting for early February to begin the event. Although they do not know when it will happen, they have confidence that it will happen.

“We are still planning on a date, but I think it is very likely to happen,” Dooner said.