The case for Broadcast Journalism


Photo Credit: Trevor LaVine

Media Editor Josh Stein and his recording equipment

Next school year, a new class is being added to the Glen Rock High School curriculum. Called Broadcast Journalism, it will benefit not only our student body but also our newspaper.  The Glen Echo supports the new Broadcast Journalism course, which will be taught by the new art teacher, Mara Siegel. It will solve several issues the video production aspect of The Glen Echo currently suffers from.

Presently, making video content is managed and edited by a single Multimedia Editor, resulting in it being a slow process. The introduction of a course dedicated to broadcast journalism will substantially increase the number of students working to make video content for The Glen Echo website. This will speed up the rate at which videos are produced and allow for a much higher quantity.

Journalism, as it is currently, focuses on the written aspect of journalism. This means that only students with prior experience in video editing and production can be part of videos like The Panther Den. The new course will allow students to decide to take a course dedicated to broadcast journalism. It gives everyone the opportunity to experience and become involved in broadcast journalism for a newspaper.

The class will also result in more students offering their creative input into the newspaper. This will result in not only a higher quantity of shows, but an increase in quality with more people working on each video. There will be much more variety in the videos because of all the new ideas these students can offer, bringing in more views to The Glen Echo website. The television studio that will be built will substantially increase video and sound quality as well, and it will eliminate the need for filming everything in the hallways.

The two classes will cooperate and both will be an important part of The Glen Echo’s content for years to come. More, higher quality, videos will result in more people watching and reading. The introduction of the class will allow students wanting to learn video journalism skills to easily practice and experience working on a newspaper. Finally, the video quality will be of a much higher level, putting more eyes on The Glen Echo.