The same passion and the same birthday

by Olivia Lorenzo, Staff Writer

Twin freshmen girls have been cheerleading for as long as they can remember: now, they’re cheering on the varsity squad.

Selma and Sabina Sose are the power twins of winter cheer.

Selma is a flyer on the team and Sabina is a back spot. “It feels really good when I am up in the air, I feel weightless and I feel like I can fly,” Selma said.

Sabina, on her position as back spot, said that it was “different than other positions” but that she “liked it better.”

As twins, there are bound to be disagreements. But there is also bound to be cooperation.

“It’s not that bad because we go home and do the dances together, and it is easy because if I don’t remember something and she remembers it we can share,” Selma stated. “We talk, hang out, and cheer and I love my sister.”

Cheer has brought the girls closer together since they share the same interest. “I don’t know what it’s like not to cheer without her because I always have cheered with her, but it isn’t much different than being at home with her because we spend time together,” Sabina said.

“Sometimes we get into small petty arguments, but not really,” Selma added.

So how did this whole passion start? “I started cheering because my friends did it and I always wanted to cheer,” Selma said.

For Sabina, she started cheering because she saw that a lot of her friends were doing it, and she wanted to try something new herself.

Both of the girls are on winter varsity and hope to make fall varsity next year.

Photo Credit: Olivia Lorenzo
Selma Sose, a flyer on the JV cheerleading team

Cheer takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of dedication from the Sose’s schedules. “We usually have practice every day after school except, for Friday’s, and we have games once or twice a week,” Sabina explained. “I practice also at home with the dances and the cheers.”

“I can practice stunting only in school because that is when I have my stunt group,” Selma said, “but when I go home I practice my dances, my jumps, and my motions.”

Despite being family already, the JV cheer team had become its own type of family and taught the Sose twins lessons that they can carry with them.

“You see these people every day, and I have trust in them, especially my stunt group, because if I fall they are there to catch me,” Selma said. “It has taught me that you have to learn how to trust people and work together.”

“We spend so much time together, it is better to be friends than enemies,” Sabina said. “ Also, how to work together and cooperate and put everyone’s opinions into consideration.”

For their teammates, the girls are a special duo on the team.

“It is really fun having them on the team,” said Shelby Sgarella, a backspot on the team.

“I think Selma is a really good flyer,” Sgarella said. “She is tight in the air, always has a smile, and whenever a stunt fails she is motivated to do it again.”

“Selma taught me to keep trying no matter how hard you fall,” Valerie Stewart, a flyer on the team, said.

Sabina contributes as a back spot, which is a position that holds the entire stunt together; back spots are a key position on the team.

“You can always count on her,” Stewart said.“She has backspotted me before and she is definitely really supportive and protective.”

“Sabina is really positive towards cheer, and her laugh is contagious,” Sgarella said.

Since the twins have been cheering for so long, it has become a major piece of their lives.

“It has impacted a lot of my life because it takes up a lot of time and I made that commitment because I love to cheer,” Selma said.

“Cheer has impacted my life a lot and it takes up a lot of time and you have to practice a lot,” Sabina said.