Meet the Sophomore Class President


Ryan Dooner starting as running back during the one the school’s games

Each class needs a leader to plan everything.

Every event, from a fundraiser to a dance, is organized by the class president. Last June, Ryan Dooner was selected as the sophomore class president. Since then, he has worked to improve his class in any way that he can.

Although this is Ryan’s first year as president, it is not his first year helping out the class. During his freshman year, Dooner was vice president of the class of 2017. Throughout the year, he enjoyed organizing various events and finding different ways to raise money for his class. Eventually, he made the decision to run for president at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

Ryan passing the his competition during a spring track meet

“I thought that I could best represent the sophomore class,” Dooner said.“I also thought that I could connect well with the students.”

Much of the class of 2017 also thought that he would represent the class well. His leadership as freshman vice president was enough to get him promoted to president during the sophomore year. He has proven to many that he deserves the spot.

Throughout these first few months, Ryan Dooner has expressed his enthusiasm towards his sophomore class, as well as his desire to show off his ideas. The sophomore class officers implement the ideas that he is able to come up with. These ideas ultimately lead to the various fundraisers and events that raise money for the class.

Ryan Dooner (left) showing his school pride with Vincent Neubert (center) and Chris Theuerkauf (right

“Ryan has really good ideas and sends a lot of positive energy,” said Anne Nebbia, who is also involved in the sophomore class as treasurer.

Aside from leading his sophomore class, Dooner shows leadership and school pride through the sports that he plays.

During the 2014 football season, he started at the running back position for the varsity team. He pushed the team to an astounding 7-3 record.

During the spring, he continues to show off his speed on the track team. In his freshman year, Dooner ran the 200 meter dash and the four-by-four relay for the varsity team.

“I work on getting better for sports and school,” Dooner said.

Through his hard work, Dooner enjoys the responsibilities and tasks that come his way. One of his favorite parts is getting to help his class in any way that he can. He takes pride in the money that he raises, and the hard work that he puts into planning social events.

The biggest sophomore event of the year is the sophomore semiformal that occurs in early June. Dooner and the rest of the sophomore class have been figuring out ways to raise money for the semiformal dance. These events can range from some type of sporting tournament, to anything else that will get the students interested in supporting their class.

Whether it is going the extra yard for his team or the extra mile for his class, Ryan Dooner finds any way that he can help out his school. Even while just talking in the sophomore class meeting, he is able to bring the positive energy needed to come up with great ideas.

Regarding whether he would run again at the end of his sophomore year, Dooner said:“I think so, but if I don’t run for president, I definitely want to run for a position to be a class officer because it’s a great experience and I get to help the class.”