Seniors lock onto their college destinations

by Yeheun Son , Advertising Manager

The deadline is coming.

However, there are some seniors who will be able to enjoy their break with no worries: seniors who already know their final destinations.

Almost 30 people have already posted their final decisions for which college they are going to onto the senior Facebook group, GRHS College Destinations-2015.

These fortunate 30 are lucky to enjoy their senior years with more ease, staying focused on their school work, before their friends find out.

“I’m very excited but also nervous to start this next chapter in my life,” said Kai Mangino, a senior who is going to The College of New Jersey and will major in Psychology.

David Merkle, a senior who will major in Dramatic Writing at New York University, said, “After finding out that I was accepted, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Many of these students prepared earlier than others did; they made sure they had good SAT scores before they applied to college, kept up good grades in school, chose their top-choice colleges, and then visited the schools to make up their minds.

Seniors who were interested in playing sports in college also prepared for it in their own ways.

“I was recruited to play soccer for Manhattan College, so I’m able to continue the sport I love for four more years,” said Caroline Taylor, a senior who wants to major in Biology in Manhattan College, home to NCAA Division 1 varsity team. Other than having the “right grade and SAT scores,” she had to put additional effort. “I put in the work for my sport and met with the coach various times along with the campus,” Taylor said.

Yet not all pathways were so clear cut. After thorough research, many students ended up with a list of schools. Then, they visited each school and made their final decision. These on-campus visits often made the difference in convincing a student to enroll.

“When I went to visit, the atmosphere really drew me in. I enjoyed talking to some of the students, and I think that it is the best fit for me socially as well. The tour guide was really funny and engaging, and I made my decision after speaking with him about the school. For me, it was the perfect balance of what I was searching for in a school,” Mangino said.

Taylor also had memorable experience during college visit. She said, “I have been to my campus multiple times. It’s so pretty and I love it. My most memorable experience is when I met future teammates and roommates. It was so exciting and we all really like each other and have even played [soccer] against each other during our club seasons.”

From exhaustive preparation to receiving acceptance letter, the seniors went through a huge vortex but seemed to escape from it. Nevertheless, a new kind of worry follows close behind.

“I am worried about adjusting to being away from my family, but I am determined to have the best experience I possibly can,” Mangino said.

Taylor is worried about the amount of work in college, yet she seems to be ready for it. “I’m worried about the work load. It will be a big transition but with some adjusting I am sure I will work it out,” she said.

Based on their experience, the seniors gave a priceless piece of advice to next year’s seniors.

Merkle advised next years seniors to “stay positive.”

“Everything works out and stressing about the process will only make everything feel much worse,” he said.

Finally, Taylor added, “Don’t rush into anything. You’ll know when you know. Make sure the school you choose is chosen for the right reasons and is one you’d be a proud member of.”